Ecological Environmental Gas Governance

July 21, 2023
Latest company news about Ecological Environmental Gas Governance

Nowadays, with the contradiction between economic development and resources and environment becoming more and more prominent, it is imperative to promote the capacity building of ecological and environmental law enforcement, otherwise, the resource and environmental problems will continue to intensify, which will seriously jeopardize the ecological balance and threaten people's life safety and health.

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Training Site
Therefore, in order to further enhance the comprehensive ability of environmental law enforcement officers to utilize law enforcement equipment, strengthen the city's ecological and environmental law enforcement team, improve the monitoring level of the air environment so as to better protect the environment, Shenzhen Bureau of Ecology and Environment invited our staff to bring gas detectors to give on-site explanations and training on the use of the comprehensive environmental administrative law enforcement officers.

In this eco-environmental mobilization training conference, we gave detailed theoretical teaching and detailed practical training on the use of the handheld multi-parameter gas detector.

Instrument Introduction
Considering that the ecological environment protection law enforcement departments will be monitoring and supervising in a variety of environments, facing a wide range of detection gases and complex detection environments, we brought the PTM600 multi-parameter gas detector to the site for training.

PTM600 Multi-Parameter Gas Detector combines sensors of world-renowned brands, can test up to 18 gases, equipped with pressure sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, and can be used with different temperature sampling probes, which can be used to quickly obtain and analyze the gas concentration composition in scientific research, universities and chemical industry, environment and flue gas.

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Technical parameters:

Detecting gas Composite gas, can simultaneously detect any 1 to 6 kinds of gas concentration and temperature and humidity, can be extended to a maximum of 18 kinds of gas
Detection principle Electrochemical, catalytic combustion, infrared, thermal conductivity, PID photoionization, according to the gas, the range, the site environment and the user needs.
Detection method Built-in pump suction, flow rate of 800 ml/min.
Display mode 3.5-inch 320X240 resolution large-screen high-definition color screen display
Detection accuracy ≤±2% (F.S) (higher accuracy can be customized)
Alarm mode Sound and light alarm, visual alarm, sound and light + visual alarm, shutdown alarm
Explosion-proof symbol Exia II CT4
Protection level IP66, rain and splash-proof, dust-proof.

The ecological environment is the basis of human survival, and the foundation of development, want to better build a better home of blue sky, green land, and clear water, we need to deepen the reform of the environmental regulatory system and mechanism to enhance the monitoring, supervision and law enforcement capabilities. Therefore, in the monitoring of the air environment, we carry out environmental law enforcement through the use of gas detectors to improve the monitoring level of the air environment, can quickly locate the source of pollution, provide timely scientific basis for environmental law enforcement, and effectively avoid the interference of the site environment and human factors, quickly and efficiently investigate and deal with environmental pollution behavior, thereby promoting ecological and environmental law enforcement capacity building to add an extra helping hand!